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U.S. Army to Replace Beretta M9

Posted by Joshua Brangenberg on

Yesterday, the U.S. Army held the fourth Industry Day at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey to select the replacement for the longstanding handgun, the Beretta M9. The new replacement, the XM17 MHS, will need to be more accurate, fit the majority of hand sizes, and potentially have a larger caliber than the M9's 9mm.

The M9 has been in military service for 30 years, but is outdated and the military wants something a little more versatile.

Some of the requirements for the XM17 are the following:

  • modular grips
  • grip that accepts a wide-range of hand-sizes (5th to 95th percentile)
  • ability to accept different fire-control devices/action types
  • ability to accept various magazine sizes
  • suppressor compatible
  • ability to mount “target enablers” (lights, lasers, etc) on a picatinny rail
  • match-grade accuracy (90% or better chance 4″ circle at 50 meters)
  • low felt recoil impulse

Over 20 companies are vying for the XM17 contract, a 280,000+ handgun purchase from the Army alone, plus the other branches of service. Not many companies can say they make firearms for the military. Needless to say, this will be an industry-changing decision.

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