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Social Security Gun Grab

Posted by Joshua Brangenberg on

                In what is labeled by the NRA as the “largest gun grab in history,” the Social Security Administration is moving on behalf of the Obama administration to tighten gun laws on some Social Security recipients. Recipients who have a “representative payee,” or someone handling their finances, will have their gun ownership rights revoked because they  will be labeled as having “subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease,” as reported by the LA Times.

                Approximately 4.2 million people on Social Security have a representative payee. If this program is put into place, those people would immediately be reported to the FBI’s NICS as prohibited buyers of firearms.

                While this program may ban individuals who may be harmful to themselves and others, critics argue it also bans those who just have a bad memory or struggle balancing a checkbook.

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