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Gunsmithing Services

All prices are base prices, we need to see your gun in person to give you an accurate estimate.

Blake Pratt is our Supervising Gunsmith at F.O.G. Firearms.  He was trained in Gunsmithing at Trinidad State Junior College (TSJC) in Trinidad, Colorado.  During his time at TSJC he honed his abilities working under master gunsmiths.  The experiences he gained during his time there has translated into an acute attention to detail, a love for wood working on fine stocks and a firm foundation in all aspects of the trade.  Blake uses his abilities at F.O.G. Firearms by performing repairs on new and old firearms, as well as cracked and damaged stocks.  Blake's true passion is building custom stocks and grips for your gun, and keeping your firearm in good repair.  So when the shot could mean the difference between bagging the "Big One" or going home with an unfulfilled tag, you know that your firearm will perform reliably and accurately. Being an accomplished hunter himself, he understands the importance of having a reliable and accurate firearm and promises that no gun will leave his bench until it meets the standards that he requires of his own firearms. Blake supervises three additional Trinidad trained gunsmiths.
If you have firearms that need gunsmithing or cerakote work you may follow the shipping instructions below.
1. Federal laws apply to SELLING firearms through the mail. It is perfectly legal to ship your firearm to any gunsmith in the country for service work as long as you are not SELLING it.
2. Be absolutely certain the firearm is UNLOADED. Roll the firearm up in newspaper and place it in a sturdy cardboard carton. Be sure packaging is tight enough that the firearm cannot "shuffle" around in the box.
Write us a note with clear instructions of work to be done.  Include your full address and a phone number.  We will call for payment when the gun is complete and ready to be shipped back.
3. Ship to us insured, either by FedEx or UPS... United States Postal Service WILL NOT ship firearms to us unless from an FFL dealer.
Shipping Address:
FOG Firearms and Cartridge Co
5272 Sumac Lane NW
Walker, MN 56484